Police Judo

Odd Squad has partnered with Police Judo and for the past several years has delivered numerous combined drug and gang education presentations with Police Judo training sessions for First Nations communities. Police Judo training has been implemented with Safer Schools Together in Williams Lake (gang and drug education), in partnership with the Carrier Sekani Family Services in the Burns Lake area, and recently for the Young Warriors Society in Vancouver. Odd Squad knows the value of healthy activities and now incorporates Police Judo workouts with drug education presentations in order to form better relationships with youth.

Odd Squad can tailor Police Judo camps and workout sessions for youth groups ranging in size from several to over a hundred youth.

Judo is a perfect fit for Odd Squad as most of the principal OSP members are judo instructors, and we have extensive experience in bringing this interactive training component to First Nations communities throughout BC, Alberta and into almost every community in the NWT in the past six years.

By introducing structured judo training, Odd Squad finds that youth appreciate the opportunity to build on what they learn from the drug/gang education lectures, and they quickly pick up on the ethos of taking care of one’s partner, start developing interpersonal skills, goal-setting and learn resiliency skills.

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