Police Judo Jrs.

Odd Squad Police Judo Juniors is a youth judo program designed to help develop physical literacy skills, co-ordination, fitness and resiliency skills. This program allows participants to grade from beginner to black belt through an approved grading syllabus, provides youth opportunities for ongoing learning including clinics and training courses (competitions for those who may be interested), and provides a good foundation for youth interested in moving on as they grow to the Law Enforcement Training Association Police Judo programs.

Students will learn the philosophy and principles of Judo including the most important principle of Police Judo which is to "take care of one's partner". There is no punching, striking or kicking in this program as it is focused on the traditional judo techniques of throws, grappling, and groundwork. Students will develop good self-defense skills in this program. Odd Squad Police Judo Juniors is a sanctioned Judo BC/Sport BC youth program. All training for this program takes place on the custom-built sprung floor at our Odd Squad headquarters.

Class Registration

U8 – U10

Sundays: 1030AM – 11:30AM

Kids Class

Spring = Jan 9 – Apr 24, 2022

Summer = May 1 – Aug 14, 2022

Fall = Sept 11 – Dec 18, 2022

$200 / Semester 

$500 / September – September


U10 – U12

Fridays: 5:00PM – 6:30PM

Kids Intermediate

Spring = Jan 7 – Apr 29, 2022

Summer = May 6 – Aug 19, 2022

Fall = Sept 9 – Dec 16, 2022

$200 / Semester

$500 / September – September



Wednesdays: 5:00PM – 6:30PM

Intro to Judo

Feb 2 - Apr 6, 2022

10 Weeks

$200 Includes Judo BC Intro Insurance ($20 Value)

First 5 to register will receive a free Kids Judo Gi ($80 value)



Tues/Thurs: 5:00PM – 6:30PM


Spring = Jan 4 – Apr 28, 2022

Summer = May 4 – Aug 18, 2022

Fall = Sept 6 – Dec 15, 2022

$350 / Semester

$850 / September – September


Judo BC Membership Registration


Judo BC Fee Schedule (September to September)

Sibling discount of 25% will automatically be applied when adding a second class.

The following classes will be cancelled:

Friday, February 4th – Langford Youth Provincials (Intermediate)

Friday, February 25th – BC Winter Games (Intermediate)

Tuesday, April 12th – Sportif, Scotland (Teens)

Thursday, April 14th – Sportif, Scotland (Teens)

Sunday, May 8th – Mothers Day (Kids)

Friday, July 1st – Canada Day (Intermediate)

Kids Judo Gi

Includes Police Judo Gi, pants, and judo white belt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Wear To Classes?

If it's your first time, you can wear any athletic clothing! For members, you can purchase your judo gis through us! Contact us and we will help you with sizing and get your order in right away.

Already have a gi? Feel free to wear it! Please be aware that uniforms for martial arts such as Taekwondo and Karate are much thinner than judo gis, and will rip easily in practice due to the nature of the sport.
How Do The Belts Work?
Judo has 6 kyu (color-belt) ranks: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, and brown. The children's program additionally includes half-belts: white, white-yellow, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, orange-green, green, green-blue, blue, blue-brown, and brown. After brown comes black belt. The minimum age for a black belt in Canada is 16 years-old. Police Judo's grading is attendance based. 
What Is The Youngest Age Group You Offer Classes For?
U8 is the youngest age group that we offer training for. U8 encompasses 5 - 7 year olds. 
Where Is The Training Facility Located?
We are located at 5487 Lane Street, Burnaby BC. All of our training is done on a purpose built sprung-floor with dollamur judo mats.
Do You Offer A Trial Period?
On Wednesdays we offer an intro class for U12 - U14 age group. This class offers training once a week for a 10 week period. This program costs $200 to register and includes class registration fees and judo bc membership.
For other age group categories, we offer a monthly class registration option and this can be cancelled at any point. If you would like to try your first class for free, contact us at policejudo@oddsquad.com 
Are There Competitions?
As an olympic sport, judo offers many competitive options for students of all ages and abilities! There are multiple competitions and training camps offered by Judo BC and other provinces that are open to any Judo BC member! However, these are not mandatory.
Can I Join At Anytime?
Yes, you can sign up at anytime. However, the classes are set up for your childs development based off a semester system. 
September – December | January – April | May – August 
Additionally, we take the last two weeks off in August.
Is Judo For All Body Types?
Judo focuses on maximum efficiency with minimum effort, which means that there are techniques for EVERYBODY. While traditional judoka compete in weight classes, open weight competitions are offered and we encourage training with different body types!
Is Judo Safe?
Judo places an emphasis on safe practice and a significant portion of each class is focused on falling safely. Students do not progress to active sparring until they are competant in safe practice, and begin training with more experienced students and instructors. As a result, judo is a very safe contact sport for children and adults.
Is There Training On A Stat Holiday?
There will be no training on a stat holiday. An e-mail confirmation will be sent out to registered students.
What Is Judo BC? Do I Have To Become A Member?
Judo BC is the organizing body for Judo in British Columbia. All judo students in BC must be registered with Judo BC. The annual fees not only cover insurance, but also provide many opportunities for students in terms of training camps, competitions, seminars, webinars, coaching clinics, among other events. Please see the Judo BC website for more information: http://www.judobc.ca/.

BC Winter Games

Police Judo Coaches with Zone 4 athletes who earned silver in the team competition at the 2020 BC Winter Games in Fort St. John.

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