Physical Literacy

"Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life."

– The International Physical Literacy Association, May 2014

With growing numbers of youth involved with Odd Squad (OSP) and Police Judo programs, we continue to see the positive influence of the OSP Physical Literacy Pillar. We are continuing to reach out to youth in communities across BC and beyond with the help of our volunteers, coaches, and youth mentorship to deliver healthy exercise-based programs. We can deliver our unique judo-based training programs from a gymnasium, a community centre, a church, the middle of a library floor, a hallway foyer in a school, a court yard, or community hall, or any outside space (all places we have delivered these programs!). Odd Squad mentors and youth leaders are used to working through facility challenges to deliver exercise programs for youth with a strong judo philosophy and a positive moral code to help develop our kids. We believe physical activity is one of the best ways to connect with youth and develop relationships that help to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Odd Squad has been doing physical literacy programs since first starting a small family-oriented Police Judo class at the old Vancouver Police Department gym in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver in 2003. This unique programming has expanded from one family club to training sessions that have been provided across BC, Alberta, into the North West Territories, Mexico and beyond.

Our coaches are continually developing their coaching skills with countless volunteer hours mentoring and connecting with youth in regular judo classes, self-defence lessons, summer camps, day camps, after-school programs, judo demonstrations at community events, most recently the Odd Squad Physical Literacy program has been introduced to local Western Hockey League teams, the Vancouver Police Cadets, junior sports teams and family programs such as Kidsworld for fun training sessions at our new “state-of the-art training facility in Burnaby BC.  Our outreach trips to local Indigenous communities bring youth and volunteer coaches together to learn cultural differences and connect with each other through Police Judo programs and Physical Literacy. OSP has been involved in delivering workouts in Asia, Europe and Mexico in addition to Canada.   

Odd Squad can tailor Police Judo camps and workout sessions for youth groups ranging in size from several to over a hundred youth.

Judo is a perfect fit for Odd Squad as most of the principal OSP members are judo instructors, and we have extensive experience in bringing this interactive training component to First Nations communities throughout BC, Alberta and into almost every community in the NWT in the past six years.

By introducing structured judo training, Odd Squad finds that youth appreciate the opportunity to build on what they learn from the drug/gang education lectures, and they quickly pick up on the ethos of taking care of one’s partner, start developing interpersonal skills, goal-setting and learn resiliency skills.

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