Junior Hockey Mentorship Program

A very important portfolio of the Odd Squad is the Junior Hockey Mentorship Program. Since 1997 we have been working together with several Junior Hockey teams and the respective police education programs, to share valuable information on the perils of drugs, substance abuse, gangs, and other community issues.

We would like to invite your team and local police service to join forces to create a program, specially designed to suit the needs of your community. Your program should include 4-6 team leaders, hand-selected by the coaching and management staff of your team that are willing to engage their peers.


  • Lectures from leaders in the field of dangerous drugs and gang activity.
  • Practical field exercises in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.
  • The Odd Squad will prepare players to mentor youth in their communities.

  • The Odd Squad will provide a presentation template that’s designed specifically for your program.
  • Reservation assistance with your stay in Vancouver, B.C.


Arrange to raise the required financial sponsorship in order to effectively fund your program. The Odd Squad charitable foundation is requesting a $1000 cash donation to assist with office overhead in Vancouver. (Charitable Receipt Will Be Issued).

In partnership with your local police and sponsors, commit to follow through in your commitment to educate youth in your community.


We operate a 7500 square foot facility, located in the heart of Burnaby BC; including a classroom with 4K projection and surround sound allowing us to deliver our cutting edge, audio visual presentations and a sprung floor for our physical literacy component with Police Judo. We rely on private and corporate donations to keep our facility up and running throughout the year.


The Odd Squad is dedicated to educating the public about issues that affect the community.

Odd Squad Productions Society is a charitable organization comprised of serving police officers, retired police officers, and volunteers, and is recognized as a leader in the field of drug and gang education for youth. Odd Squad receives no funding or financial support from the Vancouver Police Department. Donations made to Odd Squad Productions help the organization in delivering valuable and needed reality-based education on the consequences of engaging in risky behaviour to thousands of students in the Lower Mainland, throughout B.C, and across Canada.

Have any question about our Junior Hockey Mentorship Program? Write to us, and we will contact you soon