Thank you so very much for the generous donation to the Odd Squad Productions (OSP)!

Odd Squad is a grass-roots, prevention-based charitable organization that relies on fundraising to maintain its operations. Our educational outreach is far and wide. Now in our 22nd year of producing award winning films and educational presentations for hundreds of thousands of youth, Odd Squad members remain focused on our mission to better educate our younger generation from risky behavior such as drugs and gang activity.

Your donation will provide significant assistance for Odd Squad to deliver our important prevention training for youth through in-person presentations, peer-to-peer youth training programs, and reality-based documentary film productions.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a line if there is anything we can do for your organization including a drug awareness presentation or a corporate self-defense training workshop (based on the OSP - Police Judo partnership).

We greatly appreciate your generosity and support.



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