Odd Squad Junior Series

The Odd Squad Junior Series will profile educational topics for youth. Tobin Hinton Jr. will lead the viewer on an informative foray on a wide range of topics from How to Split Firewood through to How to Defend Yourself on the Ground. Odd Squad volunteers and youth will be helping produce and direct the films as well as translate the films to French, Mandarin and Japanese. OSP Juniors aims to connect our younger generation with health and constructive activities and provide educationa and learning along the way!

New Episode Coming Thursday at 10:00am PST

If you would like to see a certain topic please contact us here!

Production Team

Toby Hinton

Production Assistants
Launa Hinton
Jenna Graham

Brendon Frick

Steve Plitt
Maximilian Wiesinger

Viniel Kumar

Tom Keenlyside
John Donnelly

Facility Manager
Brian Shipper

Tobin Hinton Jr.
Lowan Le Bris

Japanese: Saya Shipper
Traditional Chinese: Liwen Zhang
Simplified Chinese: Liwen Zhang
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