High School Peer-to-Peer Programs

The Odd Squad High School Education program has been working to assist youth about choosing to live healthy, drug free lives through pro-social messaging by their peers. Participants of this program attend a one or two day training program with Odd Squad members. The program includes presentations on:

  • Drugs
  • Addiction
  • Quality control
  • How a drug-involved lifestyle and violence are often linked
  • Why some people use substances
  • Coaching strategies to teach their peers to avoid starting
  • Addiction Treatment Overview The Value of Healthy Activities

After the training sessions with Subject Matter Experts, youth are escorted onto the street to link what they were taught in the classroom with real life. They speak with addicts who are battling serious addiction issue. The addicts are more than willing to share their advice to help reinforce the message of avoidance of drug use, especially at a young age. Youth are encouraged to create their own presentations, specific to the drug problems in their community. Youth mentorship is helping Odd Squad better connect with the younger generation. This programming can be tailored for youth groups from First Nations communities, and communities outside the Lower Mainland of B.C.

Once the day has been completed, each of the youth is provided a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation to assist in the delivery of their messaging to the grades sixes and sevens in their communities.

Youth from North and West Vancouver, Port Moody, Coquitlam and Yellowknife have taken this clinic and delivered it in their school districts.

Who is this for:

Grade 10 and 11 students who are interested in public speaking and are willing to be mentors for their peers.

Have any question about our High School Education Program? Write to us,and we will contact you soon.