Movie and TV Consultation

"The Beat" Reality TV Series
Brian Shipper

Expert Coordinator, Police Judo, Police Film Work

Cst. David Steverding

Street Policing, Youth Education

Det. Cst. Shawn Shipper

Major Crime Investigation, Beat Policing, Script Writing

Dr. Bill MacEwan

Drug Addiction, Psychoses, Mental Health

Dr. D. Kim Rossmo

Policing, Geographic Profiling Expert

Dr. Garth Davies, Professor

Policing, Research, Terrorism

Dr. Kim Polowek

Policing, Risk Assessment, Victimology

Howard A. Blank

Producer, Technical Director, Casino Specialist, Promoted Audience Specialist, Publicity

John L. Daly

Police Reporting, Investigative Reporting, Script Development

Pres. Tom Stamatakis

Policing, Union, Legal Issues

Ret. Cst. Al Arsenault

Beat Policing, Script Review, Weapons, Undercover Work

Ret. Cst. Doug Spencer

Gang Expert

Ret. Det. Cst. Chris Graham

Undercover Work, Script Concepts, Intelligence

Ret. Sgt. Mark Steinkampf

Beat Policing, Tactics Expert

Ret. Sgt. Toby Hinton

Beat Policing, Script Review, Film Directing

Ret. Supt. Rob Rothwell

Investigations, Major Cases, Police Vehicles

Sgt. Jenn Keyes

Police Training, Criminal Law, Court Procedures, Use of Force Legalities

Sgt. Rom Ranallo

Firearms, Tactics, Police Training

Special Constable Chin-I Hsiang

Jail Operations, Judo, Correctional Use of Force

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