Drug Education


The objective of Odd Squad’s reality based substance abuse presentation is to educate all youth as to where the choice of using addictive substances can lead by using teaching points, images, videos and messaging from subject matter experts.

This presentation covers topics such as:

  • categories of drugs
  • how addiction occurs
  • why it is so important for youth to avoid making the choice of drug use
  • why some people choose to use
  • how the pro-drug message grooms youth
  • some strategies to avoid starting
  • psychosis
  • violence and the drug using lifestyle
  • drug use and addiction does not just impact the user
  • quality control
  • changing drug trends

Odd Squad members have teamed up with educators, medical experts and the addicts themselves to inform youth of the unnecessary risks that are taken when they engage in substance use.

This presentation will educate, challenge pro drug belief and create conversation.

Recommended viewers: Grade six and up, including parents.

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