Odd Squad Self Defence Programs

Training For The Real World

The best self-defence is prevention and awareness.  Self-defence is a life skill; the unfortunate event of an attack can affect anyone regardless of their race, gender, religion belief etc.  How do we avoid confrontation, bullying, unwanted intention and violence under stressful situations?  With years working on the frontline with the most vulnerable neighbourhood, our team understands and witnesses firsthand the need for change, and to make our community a safer place.  By delivering knowledgeable self- defence training, from personal safety tips, physical training tactics, and practical judo moves to apply in real situations (how to break grips, how to fall and get up safely, counter attacks, defend yourself on the ground).

Odd Squad Self Defence Programs Can Be Tailored For:

  • Corporate Teams
  • Kids Programs
  • Private Lessons
  • Women Only Sessions


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