We make unique documentaries featuring real people to educate youth to make positive lifestyle choices.

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Peer to Peer

This program has been working to assist youth about choosing to live healthy, drug free lives through pro-social messaging by their peers. Participants attend a one-day seminar with Odd Squad members. High School Peer to Peer, Junior Hockey mentorship Program, Corporate Self Defense,Police Judo


Presentations have been developed with the help of educational and addictions medicine experts. Using research information, images and videos the students are provided with a perspective on the drug and gang problems. ' Drug Education, Gang Education, Police Judo

Physical Literacy & Resiliency

Odd Squad believes that making healthy choices should also extend to helping teach youth personal and social responsibility through sport and physical activity in order to promote independent thinking, self confidence and resiliency skills. One of the main components of this pillar is Police Judo


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About our foundation

Why we help

Odd Squad Productions Society delivers valuable and needed reality-based education on the consequences of engaging in risky behavior to thousands of students, parents, teachers, and community groups in the Lower Mainland, throughout B.C., Alberta, and across Canada.

Our Structure

Our structure is composed of numerous active and retired police members and a dedicated cohort of volunteers which keeps this not-for-profit charitable organization busy and productive.

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Odd Squad Productions Society knows that drugs have no boundaries. Our mission is to empower youth to create lifelong changes regarding drug use and criminal behavior for themselves, their peers, and their communities

Useful Resources

The Alcohol & Drug Information and Referral Service

The Alcohol & Drug Information and Referral Service Lower Mainland: 604-660-9382, BC: 1-800-663-1441 Worried about drug and

Youth Against Violence Line

Youth Against Violence Line – 1-800-680-4264 The Youth Against Violence Line is a safe, confidential and anonymous

Our Presentations

We empower youth to make positive life choices about drug use and criminal behaviour through documentaries

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