End Gang Life: “Myths & Realities” (DVD)


End Gang Life – Myths & Realities is a series of six gang prevention and education videos that provide a unique thought-provoking look into many of the main myths surrounding gangs and expose the truths and perils of gangs, all with the aim of promoting community conversations about gangs, their effects on communities, and to prevent and deter youth and young adults from entering gang life.

Each video runs between 7 and 10 minutes long and features interviews with parents who have lost children to gang-related murders, police officers who have spent years investigating gangs and gang-related murders, and former gang members who give rare insight into the world of gangs and gang violence.

1-7. The six part video series is comprised of interwoven real-life anecdotes told from the perspective of former gangsters, parents of slain gang members, as well as police officers who have dealt with both the enforcement of gangsters in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia as well as the bloody aftermaths. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia worked in collaboration with Odd Squad Productions and Bright Light Studios to put together this sophisticated video project that dispels many of the common myths around gangs.

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